The Celtics Front Office Dilemma

With the breaking news from Adrain Wojnarowski Celtics, fans and media went in ablaze. Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge is seriously considering his future with the franchise and could make a decision to step down.” A little over an hour later Woj hit Boston fans with a few more “Woj Bombs”. “Brad Stevens is moving into the front office on a full-time role…” Stevens who has been the coach since fan-favorite Doc Rivers left. Is now leaving but this leaves many holes questions unanswered.

Danny Ainge’s Impact

Ainge who played for the Celtics in the 80s was part of one of the best decades in Celtics history. Alongside Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson, Robert Parish, and Bill Walton won championships in 1981, 84, and 86.

He also was the President of Basketball ops when Boston made moves to get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. After that trade, the latest Celtics big 3 was made. This team went on to win the 2008 NBA championship. Since then he wheeled and sealed trades that always seemed to benefit Boston. Such as trading away KG and Peirce to get picks that turned into current stars Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum.

Now after the disappointment of the 2021 season, he has stepped down. According to reports he has been discussing this move with the Celtics front office so they could make a succession plan. They decided it would be best to have Brad Stevens take his role.

Why Brad made the jump

Besides the fact that he has been in the organization for as long as he has. Woj reported that “Stevens has been described as worn down with coaching since The Bubble, and welcomed the chance to move…” This means that teh Celtics will have an open head coaching job since before I personally can ever remember. There was almost always someone from the organization to fill it. Such as Bill Russel, Dave Cowens, and Tommy Heinson.

That leads me to wonder if the succession plan is already in place it just hasn’t been announced yet.

Where Will Danny Ainge end up

As the lifelong Celtic he was personally I hope he doesn’t go anywhere and enjoys retirement. But Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated had some insider information. In a tweet, he states this “As Danny Ainge moves on from Boston, a possible landing spot, in some capacity: The Utah Jazz. As rumors of Ainge’s exit rippled through the NBA in recent months, a role with the Jazz has been seen as a potential next step.”

This not only is a punch to the gut to Celtics fans but it shows that he had his mind elsewhere. Either way, Celtics fans need to sit back and thank Danny Ainge for his time as a player and Front Office personal and for bringing four titles to Boston over that time. With this change, it will be completely different with a new coach at the helm and Brad Stevens manning the upcoming draft process.


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