Sox Drop 2 but With an Interesting Game to End

Coming into Fenway the Red Sox were on fire. The Astros who whipped the floor with Boston when they went to Houston. This series was shaping up to be a good one. And, have a stellar game to end the series.

Game One: Boston 1 Houston 7

Pitching for Boston was Martin Perez who let in 6 earned runs in a disappointing two innings. After that, the bullpen came in and only let in one other run. On the other hand, Framber Valdez pitched a stellar 7.1 innings and only letting up one run.

The hitting for Boston was lackluster at best. They only had 6 hits in general and went 0-9 with runners in scoring position. The 6 hits aren’t too bad but going 0-9 with runners in scoring position is not ok. Combine that with poor pitching performance lead to an embarrassing loss.

The hitting for the Astros was firing on all cylinders. With 11 hits to go with the 7 runs. Both Carlos Correa and Guriel both getting 3 hits in the trouncing. Correa and Alvarez both had blasts and both of those lead to runs and runs and more runs.

Overall this game was not a fun or remotely good outing for Valdez. and, the bats didn’t produce 6 hits is a reasonable number but stringing them together would have made the game a little more tolerable.

Game 2: Boston 3 Houston 8

Nathan Eovaldi took the bump for Boston and got shelled. Giving up 5 earned runs on 11 hits over five innings. When the relief of Eovaldi the Boston pen gave up another three runs. While Eovaldi did pick up the loss the Bullpen and Bats didn’t necessarily help him.

On the hill for Houston was Jake Odorizzi. He went five innings only giving up three runs. With one of his most solid performances since coming to Houston just last year. He now sits at a modest record of one and two nearing the All-Star break.

The Boston bats were slightly coming alive throughout this series. Well, more specifically Xander Bogaerts. In the 4th inning, Bogey hit a blast off of Odorizzi to bring in 2 runs for the BoSox.

While the Boston bats were heating up the Astros stayed hot. Both Altuve and Bregman hit home runs helping to lead Houston to the commanding win.

It was very entertaining how before the game a young Boston fan was heckling Bregman when he went to take pictures with the kids. The kid said ” I don’t want a picture with a cheater. Go bang on a barrel, you bum.”

Game 3 Boston 12 Houston 8

I would be talking about the pitching here but there really wasn’t much of that almost all the pitchers got hammered by the 2 teams’ offense.

The Boston bats were booming putting up 12 runs on 14 hits, This game it was the home run ball when teh Red Sox needed it the most. J.D Martinez went yard on a pitch in the 3rd inning. The other home run was from Christian Arroyo who hit on in the 5th inning to tie the ball game up. Vaquez and Kike Hernadez also contributed to totals with RBIs of their own.

The Houston bats stayed exactly how they have been all series long. Scoring 8 runs and 7 runs each game throughout the series.  For them, they had the normal suspects hitting the home runs as Bregman and Gurriel both hit home runs. Tucker and Alvarez also contributed to the RBI totals making the ‘stros come just short of a 3 game sweep in Fenway.

The Road Ahead

The road ahead has the Redsox going head to head with the Toronto Blue Jays. Not shortly after that the All-star game where there will certainly be some Red Sox players.

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