Red Sox Barely Missout From a Three Game Sweep

Coming into this series the Redsox were the number one team and baseball and wanted to keep it that way by taking a game or two in Fenway. Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani who have been red hot came into Fenway looking to steal a few from the league-leading Sox. The Red Sox were trying to hold on to the slim lead over the fast-approaching New York Yankees.

Game 1:

The pitching from Nick Pivetta was six innings of quality work. He only allowed two earned runs on four hits in six innings. Even, with pitching six innings it still wasn’t enough to get the win.¬† The win went to Matt Andriese who only pitched one inning. Matt Barnes picked up the save in the ninth by sticking out the side.

The offense for the Redsox was more than lackluster. The offense was 4 RBIs from 2 hits. Both were home runs from Hunter Renfroe and Bobby Dalbec respectively. This even though not much still enough to get the win in the first game of the series.

Game 2

The pitching was once again lights out for the Bosox Martin Perez went six innings and it was up to the bullpen from there and they did not dissapoint. When the bullpen for the Redsox can go three innings and keep teh shut out without giving fans a heart attack its a great outing.

The offense was booming in this game puttin gup nine and nearly giving the Angels the good ole Little League mercy rule. Putting up nine runs only to strikeout four times is amazing for not only run support but more  confidence for the road ahead.

The homeruns were once again was an integral part to the offensive production of this team. MLB hit leaader Xander Bogaerts hit a shot over the Monster and on to Landsdown Street. Devers also followed up by mashing a dinger of his own homeruns.

The final HR of the day came from the birthday boy himself Alex Verdugo. Turning 25 and hitting a homerun on the same day is one way to spend it.

Game 3:

The last game was the game where the Angles stole one. And by stole one I mean legit stole it in the last inning.

While the majority of the pitching blame could be on Evaldi for giving up four earned runs some will poin to Barnes.

This season Barnes has been ligths out and argueably one of the top relievers in the league. Today however he let up a high fly ball that barely wrapped aroudn the Pesky Pole to the two-way sensation Shohei Ohtani. That happended in the top of teh nith giving Barnes a blown save.

The offense once again powered by homeruns. This time from Devers and Kevin Plawecki. The only other RBI for Boston game off a double from Jonathan Arauz. The game which did come down to the line could be played down as in the bottom of the ninth selcting good pitches to swing at was a struggle to say the least. The runs we needed were on we just came short on getting them home to end the game.


When the series is all said and done the Redsox still did come out on top in almost every catagory. The offense which showed out in all froms especially power is one that could bring us deep in the playoffs and possibly continue to hold off the Yankees. Our pitching will still need improvemnets especially in key moments but as the team prgoresses through the season it sould get better.

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