Patriots Draft Preview

With the draft in a week’s time, there are many options for the Patriots to go with. One is the fan-favorite route of using our high draft positioning to get a QB. However, there are other routes for New England to go.

The Fan Favorite

With prospects like Mac Jones, Kyle Trask, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, and the consensus number one pick Trevor Lawrence the QB depth is looking to be one of the deepest ever. This matters to the Patriots because for once they need a Quarterback.

What Should the Patriots do with QB

Even with this deep field of QBs the Patriots just resigned Cam Newton so it looks for at least the next season they will be rolling the dice with Cam. With that being said, I would still draft a Quarterback. Rumors have been swirling for the past month on Trey Lance quarterback out of North Dakota State. While he would be a great addition in the first round I believe we can still get value in round two.

What They Will do in Round One

In round one, the Patriots might be going in a direction that will surprise most by taking a player from the defensive side of the ball. With all the hype around the big-name QBs, many great defensive players will fall to the later rounds in the draft. A Patriots defense that always could use reassuring got some in free agency. That helped with the line some secondary and linebacker help is still needed. Especially due to the loss of swiss army knife Patrick Chung and CB Jason McCourty there are holes to fill.

Some players projected round one that Patriots nation should be thrilled to see. They are Patrick Surtain Jr. and linebacker Micah Parsons. Both of which are explosive players at their respective position. That are ready to make the jump into the NFL and thrive under the tutelage of Bill Belichick

2nd Round Options

In the second round, this is where we can still get a quality QB and still get a stud defensively. In round 2 some QBs who are likely to fall are Kyle Trask and Kellen Mond. Mond who was a 4-year starter and Texas a&m amassed over 9000 yards passing and 1500 yards on the ground. This is a quarterback who would be great under Bill and Josh but also learning from Cam.

After last season Pats nation is very torn over cam but here’s why Mond would benefit from Newton. Mond who as we saw can run the ball in college will need to learn how to leap to the NFL. I don’t mean the normal leap but running the ball as a QB. Which Cam has done extremely well.

Patriots Rest of Day 2

After the first day and 2nd round, the Patriots still have a plethora of draft picks. Which will probably go to some much-needed help and the Wideout and Defensive Line positions. With the loss of Julian Edelman, the slot position has never been more barren. The torch that was passed from Deion Branch to Wes Welker to Jules is now without an owner.

Patriots Day 3

Day 3 is normally where the Patriots in particular find their diamonds in the rough. While not always the case they have a decent track record in late rounds. This year I believe will be more of the same. With our lat rounds picks it would be smart to take a kicker just to try him out. This being due to the Inconsistency of Nick Folk in the past. Last year Folk looked to be awesome but I wouldn’t be holding on for too long and try and get some new blood in the kicking room.

Other positions to look for building upon Day 3 would be Linebackers, Defensive Line. And potentially a Running back to join the backfield mix.

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