Matthew Stafford Prediction

The NFL world was shocked when the Rams traded for Matthew Stafford this offseason. They wanted to upgrade their quarterback situation from Jared Goff. Matthew Stafford is now expected to perform at a Super Bowl level now with the Rams. Most NFL fans and analysts agree that Matthew Stafford is better than Jared Goff. That could prove to be tougher than expected for the Rams organization.

Matthew Stafford’s NFL Career

Matthew Stafford was drafted 1st overall by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft. The 2008 Lions were coming off of a 0-16 season, so they were very dysfunctional at that time. In twelve seasons, Matthew Stafford has made the NFL Playoffs three times, which is not bad for the Lions. However, Matthew Stafford has zero playoff victories and he has never led the Lions to an NFC North Division title. His Lions win-loss record was 74-90-1 (.452), which is not a very good win-loss record to have.

Despite his lack of winning in Detroit, Matthew Stafford still proved to be an impact player. Win-loss record can show the impact of a quarterback, but it can be flawed. That was the case for Matthew Stafford. He was playing on a franchise that won one playoff game since 1957. Despite that though, Matthew Stafford proved to be extremely durable over the years and put up fantastic statistics. He elevated his weapons on the Lions more often than not. Considering how the run game was always non-existent during the Matthew Stafford years, he made the most of that offense. The defense for the Lions rarely had standouts throughout Matthew Stafford’s NFL career as well with the exception of Ndamukong Suh. Really, Matthew Stafford had little support around him, if any.

However, having zero playoff wins in twelve seasons is not good, no matter what. Matthew Stafford has elite arm talent, but his accuracy and intangibles leave a lot to be desired. Matthew Stafford is not a rah-rah guy and his accuracy has caused his turnover problems to persist around himself. He should not be given the benefit of the doubt when there are debates about whether he is a top 5 or a top 10 quarterback. Matthew Stafford’s NFL career right now has more questions than answers.

Fit With The Rams

Rams head coach Sean McVay will be coaching up Matthew Stafford. This is by far, his best head coach ever. Sean McVay is an offensive innovator, which is something that Matthew Stafford has never had. Matthew Stafford will also have a running game on the Rams as well with Sony Michel and Darrell Henderson. The weapons on the Rams are also solid as well. Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, and Tyler Higbee are all solid players who can get yards after the catch effectively. The offensive line for the Rams is shaky, but it is still better than anything that Matthew Stafford has ever had.

The Rams defense has standouts as Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. That alone is more than what Matthew Stafford has ever had on the defensive side of the ball. On the Lions, the only major standout that Matthew Stafford ever had as his teammate was Ndamukong Suh, who was more known for being dirty rather than being a playmaker. The Rams have a lot of star players. They also have depth at a lot of key positions. The Rams defense should be able to keep opponents from scoring a ton of points.

Overall, this Rams team is the deepest team that Matthew Stafford has ever had to work with. With Sean McVay, an improved running game, solid pass catchers, and an elite defense, Matthew Stafford now has the help around him. Matthew Stafford was considered to be an upgrade over Jared Goff, so the Rams are expecting immediate results to come up for Matthew Stafford. He should have a career season on paper. Statistically, Matthew Stafford will not have to dominante, but he will have to come through in the wins and losses department. That is how Matthew Stafford will ultimately be judged.


Matthew Stafford will definitely prove to be an upgrade over Jared Goff for the Rams. Jared Goff has been trending in the wrong direction in the last two seasons. Jared Goff has averaged 277.1 passing yards, recorded 42 passing TDs, and 29 INTs, which means that he has been more liability than good for the Rams. Matthew Stafford’s biggest weakness was turning over the football. That was also Jared Goff’s biggest weakness and he is not as good as Matthew Stafford. Big plays in the passing game will happen more often with Matthew Stafford playing quarterback for the Rams.

Last season, the Rams went 10-6 with Jared Goff and John Wolford. However, that would have been difficult to repeat for the Rams since they were playing against the horrific NFC East in four different games. The Rams were going to regress had they kept Jared Goff. By acquiring Matthew Stafford via trade, the Rams will end up going 11-6 and winning the NFC West Division. Although that does not sound great, the Rams would end up being better by that. If Jared Goff was the Rams quarterback, they would go 7-10 or worse. Matthew Stafford will prove to be an upgrade over Jared Goff. However, I do not see the Rams winning a playoff game this season. There are a lot of variables that could go against Matthew Stafford. The Rams will not end up becoming Super Bowl contenders since they will not go on a deep playoff run.

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