Fantasy Football Running Backs

Similar to the Quarterback rankings last week I will rank the best running backs in terms of the upcoming fantasy season.  Also similar to the Qb rankings it will cover some Honorable mentions and some players to stay away from. In order to help you win your fantasy leagues this season.

Staw Aways:

Joe Mixon– While this may be very controversial there is some solid reasoning behind it. In most leagues, he is going in the second round. What we have seen is the same thing the past 2 years and lackluster performances. If Mixon is available in rounds 4 or 5 then it would be an acceptable time to pick him up. Another factor that is going against Mixon is the extremely scare Bengals O-Line.

Chase Edmonds– With the addition of James Conner it will be hard to see Edmonds getting many touches. What also hurts his cause is that Kyler Murray is coming out to be a top Quarterback in the league with deadly wideouts and fantastic running ability in his own right. With all of this combined, it will be hard for Chase Edmonds to get many touches.

Honorable Mentions/Dark Horses:

James Robinson– While you may be sitting saying he was a Top 10 back last year this year he will have a lot more competition. The Jaguars selected Travis Etienne in this year’s NFL draft and it is presumed they will split touches. Last year the share was almost all Robinson but this year it will be more of a split between him and Etienne.

D’andre Swift- Swift is most likely to go into the lower rounds but can become very prominent in the Lion’s backfield especially with the addition of Jared Goff. Swift could very well be a difference-maker for your RB-3 or bench RB. He is definitely worth the look.

Damien Harris– Last year Harris emerged as the lead horse for New England and was one of Pro Football Focus’s highest running backs. As New England fans know McDaniels and Bill as a good running game. What helps Harris’ case, even more, is in most drafts he falls to almost the last round where he can be the biggest dark horse in the draft. In round 17 or up you should most definitely take him as I believe he will be the biggest Darkhorse of the year.

Number 10: Clevelands Backfield

With the Cleveland backfield as dominant as it is almost impossible to put one over another. Hunt only had 841 yards rushing but also had 11 touchdowns to go with it. Adding his receiving yards into the equation he had over 1000 all-purpose yards with 10 touchdowns. Nick Chubb on the other hand had around the same all-purpose yards and had 12 touchdowns to go with it. As the stats show they are both relatively on the same level.

Number 9: Antonio Gibson

After a stellar rookie season having 11 touchdowns and almost 1000 all-purpose yards, Antionio Gibson has nowhere near hit his season. With better Quarterbacks in the Washington Football Team huddles his receiving game will be more developed and help him possibly hit 1500 all-purpose yards a quite honestly possibly 15 touchdowns.

Number 8: Ezekiel Elliot

After his lackluster 2020 season there will be some rebound back to what he once was. Franchise QB Dak Prescott will be returning and potentially helping Zeke back to his top 10 self.

Number 7: Jonathan Taylor

After a slow start and a crowded backfield, Taylor emerged as the number 1 back out of Indy. The Colts have a stellar defense that will help take pressure off of new QB Carson Wentz. Another thing that helps new Quarterbacks is a strong running game and that is what Jonathan Taylor brings to the table. Going into his second year in the league we can expect a big leap for the Colt’s running back.

Number 6: Saquon Barkley

Barkley who is coming off of an ACL injury should be back to his normal ways. But, ACL injuries are never good, especially for a young running back. With the weapons the Giants have outside the running game could go unnoticed and that is when Saquad will strike and make the leap back to the top 5 fantasy running backs.

Number 5: Aaron Jones

After a breakout season last year, Jones is destined to repeat more of the same with or without reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers. With Rodgers obviously, teams will be pass-focused allowing Jones to get those extra yardages on certain downs. Without Rodgers Aaron Jones’, touches will skyrocket as presumed starters Blake Bortles and Jordan Love are nowhere near top QBs in the NFL. Either way the Aaron Jones stock will go up and have another productive season.


This is the point in the rankings where the subject will get hot and heavy. For this ranking, it is who I believe will be different but quite honestly the top four could be interchangeable and all four are studs at your running back position.

Number 4: Alvin Kamara

Kamara after another stellar season will be more of the same the only thing that hurts him is that franchise QB Drew Brees has left New Orleans and now either Taysom Hill or Famous Jamies Winston will take over the Saints QB position. Either way, Kamara will have another stellar year with his pass catching ability and his insane running ability.

Number 3: Derrick Henry

Henry off of a 2k yard season will also perform out of this world once again. The only thing keeping him from number 1 is that the addition of Julio Jones will decrease his touches. The Titans relied heavily on the running game but now with two wideouts who are number ones on any NFL team the game plan will switch to more air-focused. Henry is not a pass-catching back so his touches will go down resulting in him being third in the preseason ranking.

Number 2: Dalvin Cook

Cook like the others had an amazing season last year. He did this not only on the ground but in the air which is very useful in PPR leagues. Between his running ability and his supporting skill positions he will be getting the looks and touches a number 2 back does.

Number 1: Christian McCaffery

CMC is the best running back in the NFL his running game is not only top-notch but he is the best receiving back that the NFL has seen in a long time. With the addition of Sam Darnold, he will rely heavily on his running back to catch passes which as we know PPR value will skyrocket. Even in a standard league, CMC has a very good chance to get over 2500 all-purpose yards with 1000 of those being receiving. If you get lucky enough with your number one pick CMC is the only way to go.

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