Celtics Offseason Potential Trades; What’s at stake for Kemba?

What Is The Celtics offseason looking like?

The 2021 offseason for the Boston Celtics is going to be interesting nonetheless. With Danny Ainge already stepping down from the General Manager position for Boston, Celtics former head coach Brad Stevens has taken that position, and so the search for a new head coach has begun.

The Dallas Mavericks lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in game 7 of the first round on Sunday. Mavericks star center Kristaps Porzingis isn’t very pleased with how his role on the team is being utilized. Porzingis reportedly feels like “an afterthought” in Dallas next to the young star Luka Doncic rather than a true co-star player. A realistic trade between Boston and Dallas could happen, a simple swap between Kemba Walker and Porzingis.

Would The Porzingis Trade Make Much Sense?

The downside of this trade would be that both players are injury-prone. Porzingis suffered a torn ACL (left) on February 6th, 2018 against the Milwaukee Bucks. This would be his last game as a New York Knick as he sat out for a season and a half before joining Dallas. And then in October of 2020, Porzingis underwent surgery to address the lateral meniscus injury in his right knee that he suffered during the playoffs that year. Out of 72 games, the Dallas Mavericks played this season, Porzingis had only played in 43 of them. This was due to his various injuries but mainly his knee.

On the other hand, Kemba missed 29 games this year due to his ongoing knee injury. He did not play a single back-to-back game this season in the hope to not trigger his knee injury again. But during the playoffs, Kemba did not play 2 of the last games against the Brooklyn Nets due to knee bruising/soreness. So all that load management during the regular season for Kemba evidently did not pay off in the end. The goal of him not playing more than 1 game every 2 days was for him to be ready and healthy come playoff time, but that didn’t happen.

Both players are hurt, and both players have huge contracts, so does it make sense for either team to trade? The only factor that would make sense is that both Kemba and Porzingis would get a fresh opportunity on a new team.

Lillard In Boston Green Next Season?

Kemba was brought into Boston to be the third scorer for the team behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. But he was not able to fulfill that role sufficiently due to his bad knee. The Portland Trailblazers got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs again (4 out of the last 5 seasons). Their head coach Terry Scotts stepped down from the position. Portland’s superstar Damian Lillard, who has been a part of the team for about 8 -9 seasons, has shown signs of leaving the team. With the frustration of losing in the first round of the playoffs again after averaging 28.8 points a game, it looks like Lillard’s time in Portland is over.

A potential spot for Lillard could be Boston, but what would the Celtics have to give up? It’s hard to imagine that Boston can land Lillard from Portland by giving just draft picks and young players. The only scenario that would make sense if Boston threw in all-star Jaylen Brown in that deal as well. This is not what Celtics Nation wants at all. Giving up a 24-year-old player who averaged 24.7 ppg this season and is not even in his prime yet would not make sense. Lillard reportedly wants former NBA player Jason Kidd as Portland’s new head coach, But Kidd has turned down that offer. If the Celtics do hire Kidd to be their next head coach, would that get Lillard’s attention to come to Boston?

St. Louis Duo In Boston?

After the Washington Wizards got bounced out of the first round of the playoffs, questions around star player Bradley Beal are rising. With Boston looking for another scorer to have around Tatum and Brown, Beal would be perfect. Beal and Tatum have a connection like no other. They both grew up in St. Louis and went to Chaminade Prep school (did not play together as they are 4 years apart). Believe it or not, Beal actually babysat Tatum as Beal’s mom coached Tatum’s mom in high school volleyball. Whenever Tatum and Beal play each other, you can just almost imagine how well they would play together on the same team. Beal would be the ideal player for Boston to get, chemistry-wise.


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