Breaking Down Fantasy Football QB’s

With the month of June in full swing, it’s time to start digging deep into Fantasy Football. It is commonly told that a good Quarterback can make your break your team.  Some of those QBs may even win the Fantasy MVP awarded at the end of the season. To go through this I will be listing the Top 10 fantasy Quarterbacks and some dark horses.

Dark Horses

Most of the Dark Horses are younger players that haven’t proved themselves or a veteran who needs to make a last-ditch effort at making YOUR rosters.

Cam Newton: Newton who is for now is the Starting QB for the Patriots may not have his job come mid-season. But, Newton is a Quarterback that has a ground game and can rush for a touchdown once a game. He also will most likely throw for close to 100 yards and run for 50. I would not be starting Newton but maybe taking a chance to be on your bench if your starter gets hurt.

Joe Burrow: Coming off an ACL tear and still having one of teh worst O-lines in the league there is a good chance he underperforms. But, there are solid wide receivers that he can lean on. This like Newton is a solid QB who can be on your bench for your starters bye week or the dreaded injury.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Going to a new team in Washington that has a lot of weapons is an upgrade for Fitzmagic. He is also statistically one of the best underpressure QBs. The reason he is a dark horse is because of Tyler Heinicke being a close number 2.

Daniel Jones: Going into the season with a healthy Saquon Barkley and the additions the Giants made Daniel Jones should be primed to have a good season if you are looking for a QB in late rounds. His weak division in the NFC East should most definitely help his case to make your roster.

Stay Aways:

Cam Newton: Now, he is in the Dark Horse category but also the stay away category. Here’s why, while he is a solid bench option he is not someone to draft. He is a player that you can pick up off the waiver wire. Also, Mac Jones is right on his tail in order to become QB1 for the Patriots.

Number 10: Dak Prescott

While he does have an outstanding offensive line and skill players he is coming off a major injury. Wideouts like Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Ezekiel Elliot out of the backfield he has plenty of weapons, and last year he definitely showed top 3 potential. Minus the injury Dak would have been a Top 3 last year and higher up on the rankings this season.

Number 9: Lamar Jackson

Lamar who is very hyped up by almost everyone is not as high as me for a multitude of reasons. The argument to keep him higher up on the list is his running ability. While he will get around the 17 to 24 point range weekly he will most definitely have lows. His lows would be having to throw the ball. That is his weakness and the lack of receivers in Baltimore doesn’t help. When teams pick up and commit to the run it will definitely be a downfall for them.

Number 8: Baker Mayfield

Baker has one of the top wide receiver duos with Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. Also, he has one of the top backfields with Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb to help Baker with a crutch to keep the pressure off him. Another thing Baker has going for him is he is fresh off a playoff run that very easily could have ended differently if one call had gone the other way. A rarity for the Browns. With this going Baker should in all circumstances be a top 10 QB.

Number 7: Tom Brady

This choice is obvious the greatest QB to ever walk on earth was bound to be on this list. He may be a little low on the list that is due to the resurgence of running QBs and a new way to gain points. With the best defense in the NFL and a top 10 offense, Tom should be able to put together another deep run into the playoffs and another solid fantasy year. Especially with players like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and favorite target Rob Gronkowski.

Number 6: Russell Wilson

Wilson who is now in the back half of his career and has never received an MVP vote should still be high up on the points scored. This is because he has an utterly terrible defense so he always gets in shootouts in all 17 games. With receivers like D.K Metcalf and, Tyler Lockett he has the weapons to go deep in shootouts similar to Dak Prescott’s situation in Dallas.

Number 5: Justin Herbert

Herbert coming fresh off of an OROTY (offensive rookie of the year) he should be coming back all gears firing. With trusted veteran Keenan Allen lining up for him he has a strong veteran receiver which is needed for young QBs. Also to his disposal, Austin Ekeler is one of the best receiving backs in the league. While losing Hunter Henry will hurt Herbert he still will be making big throws and maybe pulling the Chargers to a playoff spot.

Number 4: Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers whose status at Lambeau is up in the air. If he goes back to Green Bay he is almost guaranteed to be a top 5 quarterback. With his weapons that he loves to go to in Davante Adams, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Allen Lazard he will have plenty of wide receivers to throw to. The reigning MVP also has a strong backfield in Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon. This Green Bay team has the potential to go deep and Rodgers has a chance to get the MVP back to back years and be a top 5 fantasy football QB.

Number 3: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes who is one of the best QB ever since he broke out onto the scene. He is consistently one of the highest-scoring QBs year in and year out. Why he is so low on the list is because he has more weapons than a countries military. With Tyreek Hill one of the best Wrs and Travis Kelce, one of the best TEs Mahomes has it made. Also has lower-level receivers that can run. Such as Mecole Hardman and Sammy Watkins. The one issue to Mahomes was his Oline and his backfield not being solid. In last year’s draft, the Chiefs drafted Cylde Edwards-Helaire and he has established himself as the lead back for KC. After the Superbowl where the Buccaneers picked apart his oline the Cheifs beefed it up with offseason trades and acquisitions. This year Mahomes may very well be the best fantasy QB in the league.

Number 2: Kyler Murray

Murray who last year was the number 2 Quarterback behind Josh Allen is yet again on pace to be a top 3 QB this year. With the best Wide Receiver in the league DeAndre Hopkins. Over the offseason, they also added A.J Green and James Conner two more weapons to add to Murray’s arsenal. Another upside to Murray is he is one of the top running QBs. Now you may be saying so is Lamar why is he so low that because Murray has a much better throwing arm and better weapons. If Murray continues he very well may go down as one of the best dual-threat fantasy QBs of all time.

Number 1: Josh Allen

Josh Allen who last year was the top fantasy QB will repeat this year. Last season he was a quarterback who could still use his legs quite effectively. This also being on top of being one of the strongest arms in the league. With Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley returning he will have deep connections to both receivers resulting in a positive gain. With the addition of Emmanuel Sanders, the Bills would be in prime position to repeat winning the AFC East and Josh Allen will have a strong case to be QB1 in the fantasy world when the season wraps up.

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